About Ira Cochouque

The opportunity to look at oneself and the world from a different point of view became the impetus for the creation of objects that I call Artifacts. These unite physical forms with symbolic meaning. In order to draw these images from my subconscious, I accumulated knowledge from psychology, tantra, and the occult. I rely on synesthesia and trust my experiences as a designer and architect. While creating artifacts, I enter a unique state, accessing my subconscious through meditation. In my art, I do not attempt to portray recognizable images using flowers, feathers, and other natural materials. Their genuine beauty, displayed in simple shapes, conveys an archetypal meaning. Rather than demonstrating images of beauty created by man, Artifacts communicate more ancient and primal powers. On one hand, the materials are impermanent and fragile; on the other, they remain a part of something that has existed from the beginning of time. They embody both the vitality of nature and life’s fragility.

Over the past four years, I have been developing my artistic and visual language, withdrawing from the public eye into a metaphorical cave to look within myself. After these years, I finally feel that my Artifacts accurately reflect and convey the meaning and quality I always envisioned. Now, I have reached the point where I am ready to display my artifacts to the world.