Control Center

The proposed system is designed to be an ideal solution for large control centers working with large volumes of information (including cartographic). The project is an innovative solution, having no analog in the world.

The main problem with conventional control rooms is that they use video walls, which do not allow the normal display of large area maps. In addition, these maps will always be highly distorted because the earth is a sphere. Also, the different workstations are always positioned differently in relation to the video wall, which distorts the image even more. Some sit too close and some too far away, so the dispatchers end up working with desktop monitors, and the role of the video wall is secondary.

We suggest replacing the video wall with a continuous video dome, which is an ideal display system for large maps of the area. In addition, the dome is more evenly spaced from all participants and is clearly visible to all. At the same time, its individual parts can display the usual rectangular images, just like a conventional video wall.

Architects: Misha Krymov, Alexei Goryainov, Ira Cochouque

Design: 2014

In our project each workplace is an individual work module. It is equipped with everything needed, including a panoramic monitor and communication equipment. The module has a soundproof transparent hood, which can be closed or fully opened. It is also equipped with its own ventilation and air conditioning system. Each workstation can move around the hall according to any preset scenario. At all scripted points, the module automatically connects to the power and low-voltage systems through connectors in the floor. Modules can communicate with each other via video conferencing when the isolation hood is closed. They can also communicate with other control centers. The module chair has a maximum number of settings and can also be positioned horizontally so that the entire dome can be seen.