Dough. Pastry and Bakery plant

The existing facades of the factory building are covered by two types of new facades. Each has a unique texture that is reminiscent of the factory’s specialization. The largest footprint is the one made of a special facade fabric with a texture of dough covered with prints of fingers and palms. We emphasize the handiwork of the bakers, turning the whole complex of buildings as they were molded by the hardworking hands of the employees from a huge piece of dough. 

Architects: Misha Krymov, Alexey Goryainov, Irina Cochouque, Diana Fish

Design: 2014.

The facade fabric is translucent and so daylight flows in through it. At the same time, almost nothing can be seen through it from the outside and therefore it gives the impression of one solid surface.The other type of façade is visible up close and therefore has a different technological and constructional solution. It also gives the impression of one large surface, but is made of two layers of perforated material. The perforations resemble the structure of cut bread, and the second layer gives the façade depth and extra expression.

Most of the facades of the administrative body are made of sheet material, such as RockPANEL or TRESPA HPL panels, perforated on a CNC machine. The panels are fixed to a metal substructure at a distance from the existing façade. The rest of the external facades are made of STAMISOL non-combustible façade fabric by Ferrari, on which the texture pattern of the dough is imprinted.