Japanese Puzzle. Kitchen for TV Show

Video of the episode, 3d tour, interview with owners and more on Peredelka.tv

The owners of the apartment are fans of martial arts and are committed to a healthy lifestyle. This became the basis of the concept, since practicing martial arts is not just a sport, but a certain philosophy.

Oriental and, to a greater extent, Japanese aesthetics is reflected in the geometric sharpness and clarity of lines. The interior is very high-tech, which is characteristic of modern Japan. This is even more relevant, since the kitchen is the most technologically and equipment-packed place in a modern apartment. To create a meditative atmosphere during tea parties, there is a projector to display a large image on one of the walls and controlled colored ceiling lighting.

Video of the episode on NTV.ru

Architects: Misha Krymov, Alexei Goryainov

Design: 2014.

How it was before our intervention

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We made a square table with a common centerpiece. There we placed a built-in teepan to roast or heat something. When it is not in use, it is covered with a wooden lattice for the tea ceremony, something can be placed on top of it.

The rest of the table also consists of squares, some of which are sliding like parts of Japanese puzzles, further increasing the surface and creating cozy seats for two.

The table stands on a single wooden column leg. This leg has a built-in actuator that allows the table to rise to the level of the stove to be used for cooking, or to be lowered to a level 40 cm above the floor for tea-drinking. There is also a third standard position at 75 cm from the floor.