Lakefront Kiosk

The “Lakefront Pavilion” project was designed for the Chicago Architecture Biennale 2015

Architects: Misha Krymov, Alexei Goryainov, Max Shabalkin

The body of the pavilion is made of translucent plastic spheres with built-in LEDs. The pavilion is an interactive media facade. The spheres are interconnected and placed between two layers of ETFE film. This provides protection from adverse weather conditions and makes the entire structure stronger. The enclosure sits on a wooden platform. The floor outside of the pavilion creates space to accommodate awnings. Instead of one awning, we offer several “islands” made of metal pipes and ETFE film. This allows you to increase the impact area of the pavilion without increasing its area. The pavilion can be completely disassembled and re-created in another location without affecting its structure.