Melnikov’s House Statement Project

Melnikov’s house is one of the masterpieces of constructivism. However, it is in very bad shape and desperately needs renovation. Unfortunately there is not much hope for this, quite the opposite – it seems that architecture heritage is destroyed on purpose across Russia. We don’t want to wait for Melnikov’s house to be destroyed by fire or other incidents. We think that people from all over the world should be able to visit this iconic building.

As we do not believe that the right way (renovating and opening it to the public) to solve this problem is possible, we offer an alternative. We propose to move this monument to a major museum in Europe. We suggest leasing Melnikov’s house for 499 years under the obligation to reconstruct it and open as a museum to the public. We hope that after this period the situation in Russia and Moscow will change to the better and the masterpiece will return to its original location. 

After this relocation, we suggest creating a monument on the site where Melnikov’s house used to be. This monument is a negative, emptiness, a cast from the house, left as a reminder, a warning and as a placeholder until the house returns home. 

The project was prepared for the exhibition at the State Museum of Architecture.

Architects: Misha Krymov, Aleksei Goriainov, Timofey Shapkin

Project: 2013

Melnikov's house today