star cradle, indigo series

I had a Dream of a night forest filled  with flickering light, life, and magic.

I  was  walking  it`s  paths and  found  a  small  abandoned  cabin.

I  opened  the  creaky  door  and  stepped  inside.

After  a  few  seconds  I  realized that  I  was  surrounded  by  cabinets  and  shelves

crammed  with  jars,  flasks  and  forgotten  things.

These  were  all  the  things  I  left  behind from  the  beginning  of  my  time.

They  lied  there,  forgotten  in  the  dark and  I  felt  grief  for  them  

as  they  were  me.

Since  then,  I  am  taking  these  things  out  of  that  cabin.

Exposed  to  the  moon  and  stars they  become  artifacts.

Materials: rooster feathers, quartz geode crystal, wooden frame. Size: 18 in (46cm). 2019.